Pais Tropical

Practical Information


Icaraizinho or Icarai of Amontada is a small coastal village of the state of Ceara in the Northeast region of Brazil. Located in a beautiful bay surrounded by coconut trees and colorful fishermen’s boats, the place has something magical.


Bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and the trade winds, and on the other by hundreds of km of dunes that warm air masses creating thermal winds, the coast between Fortaleza and Parnaiba is one particular place where the wind statistics are the most incredible, with nearly 300 days of wind per year and 100% between July and late January.


The Brazilian people are very friendly and pleasant, but you might feel the language barrier as very few locals will be able to understand English. Buy yourself a Portuguese guide and go through it during a few days before you come, you will be happy to communicate! Make the effort, you will see Brazilian portuguese is a beautiful language.


The currency is the Brazilian real (R$). At the moment 1 € = R $ 3.3. There are no banks in Icaraizinho, and your credit cards are not accepted in all shops or local restaurants, so it is recommended to plan ahead. The euro or USD are fairly well accepted (or changed). You can easily withdraw money at your arrival in Fortaleza. Check your withdrawal limits.

To get there

Fortaleza’s international airport (FOR) is well connected with Europe or the U.S.. TAP, LATAM or Iberia are options to get there. For those who come with a board bag, attention, some companies are taxing the transport (eg TAP). From the airport, we can arrange transfer by taxi or explain you how to take the bus (1 bus / day in 14h from the main bus station). Please contact us for any information!


There aren’t any obligatory vaccines for stays in Ceara State, and respecting some basic rules, there is no specific risks in terms of heatlh. Drink mineral water instead of the tap water, be carefull where you eat vegetables that might have been washed with tap water, and always drink a caiprinha before you go to bed, it is well known for killing all eventual germs 🙂